Joyful Parenting

Coaching and Ecourses for Parents by Christine Marion-Jolicoeur

Create a family and life you love.


Let me've already tried everything you can think of to help your kids and to be a better mum, but it still feels like nothing's working.

You know you need some help, but you're not sure what's going to make the difference.

That's exactly what I'm here for!

Everything I do is designed to help you stop worrying about being enough and doing enough and start finding the joy in everyday moments.

You'll get the support and tools you need to recognize and respond to what’s really going on with your kids and with yourself.

No more feeling out of control, like you’re just reacting (or overreacting...let's be honest, we’ve all been there!).


Are you ready to stop feeling guilty and overwhelmed all the time?

Ready to stop chasing perfection?

Ready to learn new ways to bring calm, confidence and balance back into your life?

Then now is the perfect time to start making some real changes for you and your family.

Yes, right now!


Happy Mummy Ebook: How to Eat Well, Sleep Well and Exercise with Kids

This ebook is full of quick and easy tips, tricks and ideas for making healthy food the whole family will love, helping everyone get a good night sleep and sneaking in some exercise.

Joyful Parenting Ecourse

A step-by-step program (with lots of bonuses) to help you drop the mummy guilty and stop feeling  overwhelmed and confused. You'll learn how to be a calm, confident and connected parent. This ecourse is all about big changes without a big investment AND you can do the whole thing at home, in your pyjamas!

30 Days, 30 Ways Guides

These guides are the answers to the 6 biggest parenting challenges all mums deal with! Each one gives you fun and easy-to-implement ideas every day for 30 days.
Do one guide every other month (and practice what you've learned on the months in between) to have your best year ever!


I was looking for clarity. I needed help figuring out how to figure things out. I loved working with Christine MJ, she was  so thoughtful and she was able to articulate what I've been feeling over the past year, year and a half. 

 I was trying to figure out if certain things were worth my time. The answer was, in some cases yes and in other cases a big no! Now I understand that I need to tweak my priorities a bit and I know how to do that.

Meredith F (Minnesota, USA)

There wasn't anything I didn't like about working with Christine MJ! The exercises were perfect for me. I noticed that I was starting to really face and look at what was going on and analyzing it all.

It's definitely worth the money! Christine MJ’s expertise and advice are so helpful. 

It would cost a lot more getting that advice somewhere else, plus I had the convenience of being at home and I think that makes it worth it even more. It was perfect for me to do in the evening when all the kids were sleeping. I could take my time, reread and think before I answered and not feel rushed. 

I felt like Christine MJ totally understood what I needed and what I was looking for! I will be rereading this work again and again. Christine MJ is so good at what she does!

Melinda S (Kentucky, USA)

I learned so much about myself and my family when I was working with Christine MJ. It was awesome to be able to ask her absolutely anything! When she taught me a new idea or gave an example, I could really understand and relate to what she was saying. I loved getting lots of support and reminders about taking care of myself and new ideas about some different things to try with my three kids.
Safeena S (Ontario, Canada)

I wish I had found Christine MJ earlier, when my son was born and I was lost in the pit of postpartum depression. I think her work is a beautiful light for other moms who are where I was at that time.

Nalina (North Carolina, USA)

The Joyful Parenting Blog posts always sum up my life perfectly in a few short paragraphs. The idea of Parenting on Purpose is such a simple, yet brilliant concept. It took Christine MJ's words to put a better perspective on my everyday chaos and help me successfully implement this idea.

Tammy W (Ontario, Canada)

 I love that Christine MJ writes about what she does with her kids so we can all read about it and learn some new things. 

I'm going to start doing these things with my kids! Such great ideas on the Joyful Parenting Blog.

Margaret D (Ontario, Canada)

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