Joyful You

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Christine Marion-Jolicoeur | coach + author + artist

I help busy parents find the joy in everyday moments so they can raise healthy, connected kids!


Have you already tried everything you can think of to help your kids and be a more patient + connected parent, but it still feels like nothing's working? You've come to the right place! I'm here to help you build your confidence and skills so you can stop worrying about messing up your kids and start finding the joy in everyday moments. How? By getting to know yourself really well + your kids really well so you learn what your priorities are and what's a good fit for your family. I'm so happy you're here reading this, because now is the perfect time to start making some real changes. Yes, right now!

Are you ready to stop feeling anxious, overwhelmed + guilty all the time?

Are you committed to being an amazing parent and looking for help to get some balance back in your life?

I have two amazing little people who are kind, creative + articulate and I’m still learning from them and about them every day. I also do social work stuff as my day job and have for the past 10+ years. Combining these two worlds has been difficult at times, but so rewarding. I’ve been able to work through my own personal and parenting challenges using the same ideas and exercises that I've put together for you in the Joyful Parenting Workbook + ecourse.

There will still be hard moments, but you'll you’ll have the support and tools you need to stay calm + recognize and respond to what’s really going on. No more feeling out of control, like you’re just reacting (or overreacting...let's be honest, we’ve all been there!)


Check out what these parents are saying about Joyful You:

The Joyful Parenting Workbook is overwhelming (in a good way!) it reminded me that I need to slow down with my kids. That everything doesn't need to be rushed and done as quickly as possible. I forget that my kids are on their own time, enjoying life and I need to honour them. I truly found the Joyful Parenting Workbook to be inspiring and motivating for me and it helped me look at my parenting style. I know that my stress and worries are reflected onto my children and this really helped me work out how I feel and how to redirect my stress when I'm around them so I can be more present and loving. I really loved the workbook and I'm sooo impressed with all the work and love Christine put into it. I can tell that she really cares about women finding balance and love in their family! I wish I had this book when my daughter was younger, I think it would have helped me process my stress and attitude towards her in a healthier way.

-Alison D-G (St. Louis, MO, USA)

It's really pretty, just absolutely gorgeous and the price is a steal!  The Joyful Parenting Workbook is not just one of those freebie cheat sheets with some check-boxes. It's an intense, huge piece of work you can tell Christine has put hundreds of hours into.  I've been doing product reviews for two years now and I've never seen anything like it. You should definitely check it out. You will love it!

-Renae Christine from

I'm the mom of 8 kids and even though you'd think I have it all together and know all the right answers, I still make mistakes daily. Reading Christine's inspirational words gives me hope to become an even better mom! Before the Joyful Parenting Workbook I was caught up with all the distractions in my life. It taught me to s-l-o-w down and live in the moment!  I really liked the uniqueness of each page. I'm grateful for the enthusiasm and leg work Christine put into the workbook..

-Nicole M (Windsor, ON, Canada)

The exercises were humble, playful and insightful, they have definitely helped me gain perspective of my intended purpose as a mindful parent. The Joyful Parenting Workbook, for me, is a living document-currently parenting a newborn and a toddler I know that the answers to the exercises will evolve as I experience the joy of watching my children grow and as I continue my own journey through motherhood. I highly recommend this workbook to any parent who wants to gain clarity and insight into how their family brings them joy, as well as parents who want an alternative way to document and journal the experiences of parenthood.

-Melissa M (Adelaide, Australia)

I will use it again and again to keep in touch with myself as a parent. The Joyful Parenting Workbook is full of great ideas to help you become a mindful, happy parent. It asks the parent to examine their own patterns, experiences and thought patters instead of focusing on the children's behaviour.

-Erin Moss from Hacking Single Parenting

It was good to actually acknowledge that stuff! Thanks a million for the Joyful Parenting Workbook and Joyful Memories Book. I found the workbook really useful and the memory book is lovely too. With my daughter's first birthday coming up, it gave me some great prompts for memories I want to keep of the day.

-Lynn A (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

Sometimes we are more honest when we put things in writing. I think the Joyful Parenting Workbook is great! I love how Christine offers suggestions and plenty of space for parents to reflect. I think this will be very effective for parents, especially when they see their own answers in writing.

-Lisa C (Windsor, ON, Canada)

 At first I didn't feel good enough because I couldn't provide my kids with all the things I had when I was growing up. I still had guilt over being a working mom and not having the time and attention to give to my children. The Joyful Parenting Workbook helped me put my feelings on paper and deal with them. I've always thought about what type of parent I want to be and what type of family environment I want, but never wrote it down. The workbook allowed me to do this. I'm so glad you made the Joyful Parenting workbook, I wish I had it sooner! The process made me feel whole again and excited to be a parent.

-Jennie R (Fredericksburg, VA, USA)

I know that I can be the parent that I want to be and have the kids I want to have, it will just take a little thought and creativity. The Joyful Parenting Workbook reinforced my wish to parent with a purpose and gave me ideas to deal with different situations so I can teach my daughter how to be a good person. It was a great experience! I would definitely recommend the Joyful Parenting Workbook to other parents and the Joyful Memories Book is a wonderful way to track the year. I love how they match-very fun and colourful!

-Erin R (Windsor, ON, Canada)

Christine has such a great way of looking at things. I love the Joyful Parenting Blog and the Joyful Parenting Workbook. The ideas were helpful and positive. I plan on printing out a second copy of some of the exercises from the workbook for my husband to fill out so we can talk about them more.

-Janet P (Windsor, ON, Canada)

I'm going to start doing these things with my kids! Such great ideas on the Joyful Parenting Blog, thanks for sharing, Christine.

-Margaret D (Windsor, ON, Canada)

You're blog is terrific. Well done!

-Tam (Melbourne, Australia)

The Joyful Parenting Blog posts always sum up my life perfectly in a few short paragraphs. To "parent on purpose" is such a simple, yet brilliant concept. It took Christine's words to put a better perspective on my everyday chaos and help me successfully implement this idea.

-Tammy W (Leamington, ON, Canada)

Christine is a wonderful parenting resource! I highly recommend her writing.

-Lynne K (Lindsay, ON, Canada)

I wish I had found you when my son was born and I was lost in the pit of postpartum. I think your website is a beautiful light for other moms who are where I was at that time.

-Nalina (Asheville, NC, USA)


Please, have a look around and send me an e-mail if you have any questions or want to learn more.

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You'll get the free Joyful Parenting ebook + the Joyful You newsletter sent directly to your inbox.

Download the free Joyful Parenting ebook!
Your 6 step guide to confidence, clarity and connection with your kids when you need it most.

You'll get the free Joyful Parenting ebook + the Joyful You newsletter sent directly to your inbox.