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About Christine MJ and her Family


Christine Marion-Jolicoeur helps mums create
a family and life they love.
She’s a parenting coach, blogger and bestselling author.


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Who is Christine MJ?

I'm a writer, parenting coach and joyful mum of two amazing boys. I studied psychology, sociology and social work in university and have been doing social work as my day job for the past 10+ years.

You're a busy mum too, why start a business coaching parents on top of everything else?

Being a mum has changed my life in all the best possible ways: having my first baby showed me that all the things I used to think were important really weren’t; and having my second helped me figure out what to do instead.

I started writing again after my youngest was born in 2012, mostly for myself as a way of dealing with all the big feelings I was having at the time. And that grew and grew into a blog, the Joyful Parenting Ecourse, a bestselling book and a coaching practice. I love working with and writing for other mums. We all need help and support sometimes and working with mums is what I do best!



So you've got it all figured out and your family is perfect then?

Nope. Our family is a work in progress and we all learn from each other and grow together every day.

My oldest is thoughtful, helpful and so much fun.

My youngest is crazy-smart, sweet and adventurous.
I have a wonderful, supportive husband who's the best dad I've ever seen.

And I'm the mum; the meal planner, memory maker, lost toy finder, kid-to-grown-up translator, advocate, snuggler extraordinaire and the one who keeps us all organized and on routine (mostly!).

Why Parenting on Purpose?

In our house, parenting on purpose means making conscious choices, focusing on kindness, mindfulness and fun and setting healthy boundaries.

We don’t subscribe to any particular parenting philosophies. Instead, I stay open to trying just about anything as long as it feels like good fit. Over the years, I've ended up hating some things that I thought I'd love and loving some things I thought I'd never even try.

You can read more about Christine and Parenting on Purpose on the Joyful Parenting blog and stay connected on the facebook page.


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