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What You Say Matters:
Powerful Words for Parenting
on Purpose


"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."
-Peggy O'Mara

You're a good mum. You try your best every day to stay patient and positive with your kids, but by the end of the day you've slipped up...again.

You don't know how to do things differently, so you end up:
-getting shouty with your kids

-feeling like you've spent the entire day saying, "No! Stop! Don't!" over and over again
-giving endless reminders and still feeling ignored
-wishing you could talk to your kids in a way that they understood and made them feel loved 


Even when it  seems like you've tried everything and nothing is getting through to them, your kids are listening. And the messages you give them now will become part of how they see and speak to themselves later on.

What you say matters!
Choose the words you're saying and the messages you're giving on purpose.

I'm a mum too, I get it. And with a little help it could be so much better for you and your family. Register below for the instant download and learn 37 new ways to talk to your kids today. Best of all, it's free for a limited time!

Don't spend another day feeling frustrated and overwhelmed or another night full of regret and mummy guilt.
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Check out what other mums are saying:

This is what was missing in my parenting journey,
this is what my heart really wants me to say.

Thank you for the What You Say Matters download. I love how Christine MJ's suggestions empower the parent and the child at the same time. This is what was missing in my parenting journey.  I'm planning on putting some of these on
3x5 cards and sticking them around my home as a friendly reminder of
what my heart really wants to say.

Sarah S (Pennsylvania, USA)
Helps mothers be intuitive and more conscious in their parenting.

I loved the What You Say Matters gift! This will definitely help mothers tune into themselves to be intuitive parents, which means more conscious parenting.

I love Christine MJ's work.
Cilla B (Sydney, Australia)

Speaking to my daughter this way helps her react in more positive ways. The words we use do matter!

I noticed when my daughter hears negative things she whines and gets upset, so speaking this way makes a big difference. This gift is helpful to mums and gives us a way to pay more attention to what we say. Talking negatively isn't about not loving enough, you know? Maybe it's never about that, but the words we use do matter!

Eva R (Massachusetts, USA)
The guide was easy to apply and my children have responded so well to these small, but powerful changes.

The What You Say Matters guide has been so helpful in my everyday life. It is very versatile and very easy to apply.

My children have responded so well to these small, but powerful changes and I thank Christine MJ for giving me the tools to change the frustrating situations into easily manageable learning experiences.

I will continue to practice using her words to create a joyful household where my children will learn to be confident in expressing their feelings in a positive manner. Thank you for giving us the tools to continue to improve our lives and strive to parent on purpose!  
Dana R (Ontario, Canada)