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Parenting on Purpose

Coaching and Ecourses for Parents by Christine Marion-Jolicoeur

Ebooks and Ecourses

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Happy Mummy Ebook: How to Eat Well, Sleep Well and Exercise with Kids - $19 *SALE* $10 (CAD)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge and it's extra hard with kids. Having trouble figuring it out on your own?
This Ebook is 20 pages full of quick, easy tips and tricks for making healthy food the whole family will love, helping everyone get a good night sleep and sneaking in some exercise. And it includes lots of kid-friendly ideas for healthy recipes, dreamy crafts and fun fitness games.

This may be the only way you CAN buy happiness for under $20!

Special Bonuses from the Experts:
1. Meditation and guided relaxation recordings for kids  from Christine MJ
2. Relaxing meditation recording for mums  from Olga Dossa
3. Relaxing meditation recording for kids  from Julie Bladon
4. 8 day fitness challenge for mums  from Jen Oliver
5. Calming and strengthening yoga for mums video from Dianne Bondy Yoga

Check out what other mums are saying:

"It's hard to believe how much information is covered in just this one book. It is packed full of simple, realistic tips. I kept thinking, 'why didn't think of that?' Beautiful ideas on how to communicate with your children. Christine MJ's teachings are practical but not preachy. I love her approach to helping kids eat healthy and food ideas. The sleep tips were my favorite, especially the questions before bedtime and the ideas for dealing with nightmares- brilliant! I appreciated the focus on natural remedies and the resources were fabulous. I have finally found some great guided meditations for my daughter at bedtime thanks to Christine MJ! A definite must read for any mom. You'll have tons of 'a-ha' light bulb moments. This book is a true gem."
-Betsy M (Pennsylvania, USA)

"Love the Happy Mummy Ebook!! Parenting on purpose is absolutely the best goal to strive for!! I love the tips for nightmares and especially hard nights, I think the healthy snack ideas are super fun and the exercise section has been my biggest takeaway, because I am so caught up in needing my exercise time to be "mine" and "perfect" that I almost never do it at all!"
-Krystal T (Texas, USA)

"I loved reading the Happy Mummy Ebook! Everything in it feels doable right now! Not only are the tips great, but Christine MJ lays out exactly how to easily talk to kids about the importance of healthy habits. The Ebook is a great reminder that I need to take care of myself as well."
-Sara W (Connecticut, USA)

"The Happy Mummy Ebook is a handy guide full of great ideas, yummy recipes and help for many of the bumps in parenting. This Ebook would make a lovely gift!
-Nancy T (Washington DC, USA)"

"I really enjoyed the Happy Mummy Ebook. It was an easy read, very informative and included some things I already knew I should be doing but didn't know how to start and tips that I will definitely use in the future."
-Terri K (Ontario, Canada)

Joyful Parenting Ecourse - $97 *SALE* $50 (CAD)

This Ecourse will guide you step-by-step so you can go from feeling guilty, overwhelmed and confused to being a calm, confident and connected parent.

It's all about big changes without a big investment. You can start today and do the whole thing at home in your pyjamas!


1. Joyful Parenting Workbook - 50 amazing, inspiring and fun exercises to help you build your confidence and skills as a parent. The workbook is full of colourful, original artwork with lots of room for you to add in your thoughts and answers. I've designed it to be a beautiful space you'll want to come back and visit again and again.
**$75 value**

2. Recordings - 5 recordings that explain all the exercises in the workbook step-by-step and give you real-life examples to help you with your own answers. Each one is only 15-20 minutes long, so even the busiest mums will be able to listen to them all!
**$47 value**

3. A copy of my chapter, Parenting on Purpose, from the #1 bestselling anthology book, Journey to Joy with original artwork- You'll learn more about my own story of emptiness, anxiety and chaos and I how became a calm, confident and connected mum.
*$10 value**

4. Flexibility! - The best part is, you can work through the Ecourse at your own pace and in the way that makes the most sense for you. You can start today and do it all at home, in your pyjamas!

$132 value + bonuses for only $97!

Special Bonuses:

1. You'll also get full access to the closed Parenting on Purpose Facebook Group where you can post questions and aha! moments from the Ecourse and get parenting support and ideas from other mums who've been there. We have members from all over the world and I'm in there every day too (P.S. this is the ONLY way to work with me directly right now!) You're on Facebook all the time anyway, right? Come join us!


2. The 30 Day Ecourse Guide so you can finish in as little as a month. Because the last thing I want is for you to buy all of this amazingness and never get through it or use it!
**$10 value**

3. And the Joyful Memories Book for when you're all done the Ecourse and having more joyful family moments than ever. It's a beautiful, fun way to record all your kids' milestones, memories and unforgettable moments for the year.
**$17 value**

What other mums are saying:

"I really loved the Ecourse and I'm so impressed with all the work and love Christine MJ put into it. I can tell she really cares about women finding balance in their family!

I wish I had this when my daughter was younger, I think it would have helped me process my stress and attitude towards her in a healthier way. The Joyful Parenting Ecourse is overwhelming (in a good way!). It reminded me that I need to slow down with my kids. That everything doesn't need to be rushed and done as quickly as possible. I forget that my kids are on their own time, enjoying life and I need to honour them.

I truly found the Ecourse and workbook to be inspiring and motivating for me and it helped me really look at my parenting style. I know that my stress and worries are reflected onto my children and this really helped me work out how I feel and how to redirect my stress when I'm around them so I can be more present and loving."
-Alison D-G (Missouri, USA)

"I highly recommend this Ecourse to any parent who wants to gain clarity and insight into how their family brings them joy, as well as parents who want an alternative way to document and journal the experiences of parenthood.

The exercises were humble, playful and insightful, they have definitely helped me gain perspective on my purpose as a mindful parent.

The Joyful Parenting workbook, for me, is a living document. I'm currently parenting a newborn and a toddler, so I know that the answers to the exercises will evolve as I experience the joy of watching my children grow and as I continue my own journey through motherhood."
-Melissa M (Adelaide, Australia)

"Because of the Joyful Parenting Ecourse, I have decided to consciously acknowledge and let go of any past events that trigger guilt and shame in me now. I had never realized how much I was carrying and had never considered how I'm passing that along.
Rather than leaving me feeling negative about it all, the Ecourse gave me focus. I used to have overwhelming guilt and shame over not getting things right in the past, but I've decided to focus on doing my best with the knowledge I have now.
Thank you Christine MJ! This was a wonderful Ecourse that allowed me to take time to look at myself and how I can lead my family more positively."
-Gemma H (England, UK)

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30 Days, 30 Ways Guides - $57  *SALE* $30 (CAD)

After talking to hundreds of parents, these guides were created as an answer to the 6 biggest parenting challenges all mums deal with. Each guide gives you fun and easy-to-implement ideas to try every day for 30 days. They've been tried and tested by mums from all over the world who are getting amazing results and now you can too!

30 Days, 30 Ways to Create an Easy Meal Plan You’ll Actually Follow

Bonus: printable weekly and monthly meal plans

30 Days, 30 Ways to Drop the Mummy Guilt

Bonus: printable worksheets

30 Days, 30 Ways to Keep Calm and be Less Shouty With Your Kids

Bonus: printable worksheets 

30 Days, 30 Ways to Make Self-Care a Priority

30 Days, 30 Ways to Organize Your Home and Life for Free

30 Days, 30 Ways to be More Present with Your Kids

Bonus: printable feelings chart

What other mums are saying:

"These guides have been great! My husband even decided to get on board and try it out after seeing how effective it has been for me."
-Danielle L (Ontario, Canada)

"The Meal Planning guide has been great. I've always wanted to be better prepared but didn't know how.  I love having a master list to work from. I pass it over to hubby and let him pick instead of me always trying figure it out myself."

- Jenna N (Ontario, Canada)

"Cannot recommend these guides enough! When I became a mother, I thought I had to be in control of myself and of my son, in any situation. But children play, make noise, and ask questions a lot, especially when you are in a hurry. I felt like I'd lost control. Then I found Christine MJ and her wonderful Be Less Shouty guide. It took away a lot of guilt and shame. The need for control is being replaced by trusting my instincts. Which makes us grow together."
-Sandra RVH (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

"Thank you for these life changing tips. I'm glowing!

I cannot recommend these resources enough. I am doing the Self-Care guide right now and will be trying the others soon. The small but extremely powerful tips are totally doable and easy to implement."

-Niya Davis (England, UK)

"I loved the Be More Present with Your Kids guide and want to say thank you; I have 4 children and have learnt they all need parenting differently. I found the guide very useful in helping me identify which forms of communication each child responds best to. This is a very useful tool."

-Nicole F. (New South Wales, Australia)

"I'm happy that I'm doing so well with all the ideas in the guides. Thank you Christine MJ for giving me the initiative I needed."

-Melissa B (Ontario, Canada)


I Want it All!

Joyful Parenting Ecourse + Happy Mummy Ebook +
30 Days Guides 
- all for just $147  *SALE* $75 (CAD)

Big changes for your family and big savings for you!